Adopt a Greek Olive Tree in Southern Greece and
receive fresh, premium, extra virgin olive oil from
"junior", your adopted tree...

From Your Tree, to Your Table!

la cigale grec Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

spoon-olive-oilNothing speaks of the Greek countryside more than the song of the cicada, la cigale, o tzitzikas ...and well, the olive tree! The imagery of la cigale throughout history is mythical, positive and legendary! And the beautiful wings of la cigale come to life here as they take flight with a plump olive flying over our groves, coming to you!

Our olives groves are on private lands in the Peloponnese region of Messinia, Kalamata, Greece. The olive trees are situated on plum hill and mountain sides and they reap the benefit of the best climate this region has to offer. The olives used to produce the oil are the 'Koroneiki' variety. The result is a bright green olive oil rich in phenolic content, antioxidants and other nutrients with a rich olive smell and hints of grass. It has a medium intensity on the tongue with a smooth olive taste, accented with slight tomato leaf and mint! Just perfect.